Team offer: Share your favourite remarks (only available for iOS)

No need to keep typing the same remarks for different work sites; save your most frequent remarks as favourites and share them with your Team so they can use them too.

The group admin can add their most common remarks to their favourites, so they don’t have to keep writing the same thing. Favourite remarks will then be available to all the other team members.

Select the remark you want to add, then click on “…” and “Add to favourites”:

You can then create or select a category to assign your favourite remark to. This means you can sort your remarks by theme or work package (painting, plumbing, etc.).

Then to insert a favourite remark, just select the description input area, then press the “favourites” button in the top bar, or search for a remark by typing some text in the search box.

Then click on the remark you want and it will be inserted into the description.

If you have any questions about the Team offer, contact our support team in the Chat box at the bottom right of this page or at

Our reactive team in Rennes will help you out quickly 😀

Actualizado el: 05/11/2020

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