Archireport Live for businesses

You’ve received an invitation to view a list of your comments in the application (Archireport Live).
This invitation has been sent by your architect, contractor or other manager using the Archireport application. works on both iPhone and Android devices, or directly on the web.

Start using in 7 steps:

1 - To sign in, click the button in the invitation email you have received.

2 - The first field has already been completed with the email address where the invitation was sent.

3 - If this is the first time you’re signing in, create an account by entering a password. Otherwise, sign in with the password you entered when you signed in for the first time.
4 - You can then access your project list.

5 - For each project, you’ll be able to see the list of concerns and reports that have been issued.

6 - In the concerns menu, the comments that are relevant for you are shown first, and those for other participants are shown later.
You can click on each one to read it in full (description, photos, position on plan, etc.).

You can also indicate which of the comments attributed to you have been (“Completed”), or are still to be completed. You can even enter a description and add a photo to show what progress you have already made.

7 - The person who made the comment will then receive a notification about your entry in Archireport which shows “Pending approval” and they can then choose to
mark it as completed.

As soon as a task is marked as complete in Archireport, your task list is updated in
You’ll save valuable time by having your TO-DO LIST updated in real time for each project.

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