Data synchronization is an Archireport feature designed to:

Back up your data on secure servers. You won’t lose your data if you break your tablet or computer.
Provide access to your data on multiple devices (iPad, iPhone, PC, Mac, etc.)
Share projects with other members and work with other people on the same project.

Synchronization is used to send and retrieve remote data stored on a purpose-built Archireport Cloud.

When synchronization is complete, some items may not be synchronized, but there are things you can do.

Here’s a list of reasons you might be having issues, and what you need to do to complete your synchronization:

1 - Check the version of your Archireport application and make sure it’s updated

We make regular updates to the Archireport application and these updates must be installed to ensure the system can sync properly. You can find out which version is currently installed on your iPhone or iPad in your Archireport account preferences.

For iOS13 and under, if you want to install the update you need to launch the “App Store” application. Click the logo on the top right, then check the available updates at the bottom of the screen.

2 - Make sure that other contributors have already synchronized their data

If you have shared one or more projects with other Archireport users, each participant must have synchronized their data before your synchronization is complete.

3 - Synchronize all your devices

If you work on multiple devices (iPhone and iPad for example), make sure that you have synchronized your data on each of them so that all elements can be made available on the Archireport Cloud.

4 - Disconnect and reconnect

If you have changed a password or if your session has expired for example, you need to log out and log back in again to make sure that the synchronization is working.

5 - Delete unused / obsolete files

If the list of unsynchronized files shows errors in some files marked in red, then please check if that document is useful or not. If it’s an old file you no longer need, you can delete it. Just drag the cell from right to left.

6 - Contact Archireport support

Lastly if you’re still having synchronization problems, you can contact the Archireport support team using the messaging tool (chat bubble on the bottom right of this screen) or send us an email at

We hope you enjoy using the app 😉

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