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Drop box

To access this feature, users will need to create a free account with the email address used for the invitation.

Drop box

You can create a drop box in the web-based version of Archireport (
Archireport and users will then be able to view and share any files they choose.

Demo video:

Open Archireport Web in Google Chrome or Firefox (
Select the project you want, then go into the Documents menu.
Click on the three little dots of the folder you want to share, then “Share”.

Select the people you want to share the contents of the folder with.
If you want the other person to be able to add files, click on the box by their name to select the “Add files” option.

Tick “Add files” then confirm.

The person will receive an invitation by email to view the contents of the folder in and will be able to add their own files if the Add files option is activated.

Updated on: 16/05/2022

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