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Module · Multi-area site inspection

With this module, you can link your remarks to a specific dwelling/area as well as the standard options of linking to work packages, stakeholders or plans.
You can set different dwellings/areas for each project, then apply this new option when you generate your site reports.
It’s now possible to filter by dwelling/area when you export site reports.
This means you can sort your remarks by area and then by work package, making it easier for contractors to locate and track items that need their attention.

You can try this module for 30 days from the Modules Manager page on the web application.

The module only works on iOS and the web application.

How to use the module for a project

Go into the project you want, then go to the preferences for that project.
In the "Report types" section, press "Add a new report type" and select "Multi-area site inspection".

Updated on: 28/03/2023

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