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Create your Archireport account

If you do not have an Archireport account, you can create an account for free from our website or from an iPad.

Create an account from a computer on

To create an account, click on Test for free and fill in the requested information. 

NB: the email address used will be displayed in your site report. Your password is the same on all Archireport platforms (smartphone, tablet, computer). Your account can only be used on one tablet at a time and one web browser at a time. If you collaborate with several people on the same project, each collaborator must have his own account. A sharing feature will allow you to work together on the same project. 

Test for free

When switching from one interface to another, data synchronization is very important. It allows you to retrieve your changes on all Archireport platforms. 

Create an Archireport account from an iPad

To create an account from an iPad, here is the procedure to follow:

1 - Download Archireport 

2 - Press "I am not registered yet"

3 - Enter your email address and password

4 - Press "Let's go!"

Updated on: 05/11/2020

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