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Team offer: Floating licenses

Our Team offer comes with a floating license subscription management system. This means that you can choose which user (email) to assign a license to. You can also choose to transfer a license from one user to another.

Go into your online account: and click on the “Administration” menu. Only a group administrator has access to this menu:

Select your group and press “Add” in the top right corner to add a user to your group:

Select the role of the user (Administrator or User), select the trade module assigned to them, then save:

You can remove a user from the group at any time and change their role or trade modules by pressing the “...” button:

If you have any questions about the Team offer, contact our support team in the Chat box at the bottom right of this page or at

Our reactive team in Rennes will help you out quickly 😀

Updated on: 05/11/2020

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