Our Team offer comes with a floating license subscription management system. This means that you can choose which user (email) to assign a license to. You can also choose to transfer a license from one user to another.

Go into your online account: https://web.archireport.com and click on the “Administration” menu. Only a group administrator has access to this menu:

Select your group and press “Add” in the top right corner to add a user to your group:

Select the role of the user (Administrator or User), select the trade module assigned to them, then save:

You can remove a user from the group at any time and change their role or trade modules by pressing the “...” button:

If you have any questions about the Team offer, contact our support team in the Chat box at the bottom right of this page https://www.archireport.com or at https://www.archireport.com/contact/.

Our reactive team in Rennes will help you out quickly 😀
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